What is Lemon Law

Lemon law can be found under the state lemon laws chapter 90 section 7N. Like many other laws, the section begins by defining certain terms that are common in lemon law cases and some include the following. The first word is business day which means Monday to Friday expect all federal holidays. A consumer is a person who buys vehicles and does not have the intention of reselling. In other words, they are people who acquire vehicles for personal use. A dealer in this context will be a person who acquires a vehicle for the purpose of selling it. There are other terms that are used in the Massachusetts lemon law and you can get to learn more about them on the internet. The residents of Massachusetts are very happy to know that they have a law that can protect them against unscrupulous dealers.

You need to know what to look out for to consider your vehicle a lemon under the Massachusetts lemon law. Some of the things that will guide you are a serious nonconformity before 12 months of its purchase date or 15, 000 miles whichever comes first. Also, you can have a lemon case if the car does not serve you for 15 business days which might not be consecutive. If you are a motorcycle owner in Massachusetts, you need to know that they are also covered. You will also be happy to know that leased and used cars are also covered under the Massachusetts lemon law. Some of the vehicles that are not covered include auto homes, business vehicles, vehicles for of road use and others.

When you have a lemon, you will take it to be repaired and if the repair proves futile, you will have to contact the manufacturer and inform him of all you have encountered with the vehicle. They will then seek to repair it themselves where if the lemon does not show signs of improving, the manufacturer is supposed to refund or replace the vehicle. Failure to do this will see you move on to the various arbitration processes which will seek to find a solution for your lemon case. The manufacturer arbitration program is one of the forum that can provide a resolution. You will be required to state your case and so that the mediator in the program can see all the facts that will enable a favorable ruling.

You can use the state arbitration program available under the Massachusetts lemon law. This is where arbitrators who are volunteers hear your case in an informal way and you seek to get a good ruling. Some of the vital documents that you are supposed to provide are repair orders which will show how you attempted to repair the vehicle with no success. If the case goes your way, you will be able to have your compensation. If you are still not still not satisfied, you can go ahead and file a civil suit against the manufacturer. Make sure you are prepared to hire a good lawyer who will present your case in the best way possible.

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